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The 21 Days Short Story Challenge

One (1) writer will win N50,000 quarterly in the 21 Day Short Story Challenge. Have you got what it takes to take our breath away, or give us an emotional high with your short story? Then this challenge is yours! Choose your 1000 words carefully. 

Why You Should Participate


One writer will emerge as the winner of the Short Story Contest with a cash prize of N50,000. That’s  N50,000 Credit Alat for 1000 Words only. Get in the zone, start writing, the countdown is on!


21 writers have a chance at getting their works published in an anthology. This puts your stories in the hands of avid book readers. Again, choose your 1000 words carefully.


By participating, you automatically qualify for features on our online channel, Writer's Digest, our platform for showcasing authors and their works.

How to Register

Registration for the Short-Story Contest is FREE, you only need to create an original story and upload on the form below

Contest Rules 

  1. Please ensure the story submitted is your ORIGINAL work and bears no semblance to that of others
  2. Ensure you register and submit within the stipulated time-frame (January 14th - 15th March 2019)
  3. Short Story should not be more than 1000 words
  4. You are not allowed to submit more than 1 (ONE) story.

Score Card

  1. (21) stories will be selected based on their acceptance by the general public and the Judges. These stories will be included in a published anthology this year.
  2. (5) Finalists will emerge based on 40% vote and 60% judge score card
  3. (1) WINNING entry will go home with the cash prize  

Winners will be announced at The Lagos Book Hangout. Register Here


Terms and Conditions Apply

Whatsapp: 08162448198


Disclaimer: This Competition is FREE. Under no circumstance should a fee be charged for participation. AlatbyWema is only the preferred method of disbursing cash prizes to winners and they are by no means responsible for the contest.