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We probably don’t have to tell you about the problems you can experience when trying to get your work published by a commercial publisher. It’s hard enough to write a good book. But that’s just the beginning. Then starts the endless effort of sending your manuscript to dozens of publishers for acceptance. Unfortunately, the odds are against you, as publishers typically reject thousands of manuscripts for every one that is accepted.




Even if your book is accepted by a publisher, you have no guarantee that it will be properly presented to the public. We hear many disappointing stories from authors about eventually getting their books published by a commercial publisher and making little or no money at all! Unless you are famous (or infamous).




In desperation, many novices turn to doing it all themselves. This means that critical decisions concerning the title, cover design, content and marketing are made entirely by them. If not done properly they often end up having cartons of newly-printed books sitting in a garage or basement with no place to go.




This is why many authors are turning to companies who offer self-publishing services to produce quality books and get their books on the shelves of bookstores and into readers’ homes.

Control - You retain full control of the content, design and layout of your book.

Sole Ownership - You own all the rights to your book and are in the position to set your own recommended selling price and determine your own profits.

Speed - You can get your book in print and in the stores in only a few months.



If you have a message or a story to tell and feel a burning desire to share it with others, then let us help you publish your work.

Whether it is a work of fiction, non fiction or poetry, big or small, we can help you.

It is difficult to get an exact price to self-publish a manuscript without first seeing it or having the book specifications on hand.

Please Contact Us in order to give us these specifications. We will then reply with a quote.





  • On receiving your manuscript, our professional team will get to work.


  • We will register your book in your name with the State Library.

  • We will obtain an ISBN no and convert it to an EAN barcode for your book.

  • Our editing department will carefully select a suitable editor from our pool of editing professionals to edit your type of book. All our editors have many years experience in journalism, writing, teaching etc.

  • Our design team will create the perfect cover and back page for your book.

  • Our design team will also lay your book out to international standards.

  • We will send you an electronic copy of your finished book. You can use it for e-books, future printing purposes, marketing or submissions to potential publishers and distributors.

  • We will print as many/or few copies of your book that you need.