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Lagos Book Hangout 1.0

La Mango played host to members of The Bookworm and other book lovers at The Lagos Book Hangout which took place on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

Attendees were treated to a variety of juicy topics ranging from poetry sessions, the pitch and even more importantly The Masterclass where prospective…

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All I could hear  was the  blare of siren, which seemed to be the only sound that reached me as I stood in the middle of the rain soaked street not knowing where my tears ended and the falling rain began, as my mother was slowly lowered onto the stretcher and moved into the ambulance that stood …

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There was no sun in the sky, it was a dark and gloomy day, though light shone from above. It seemed there was an eclipse of reasoning in my mind. It was just a moment ago we stood there laughing and talking. Those words I spoke to you were not the last words I spoke. I said so many things to you…

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ICED TEA - By Badmos Aisha

I'd seen her a couple of times run through this same route most morning. whenever I jog past her I greet her and then increase my pace, but on this fateful day, I ran up to her, she didn't seem to notice me as I jogged along side her, I knew she was close to her stopping point as usual, the cafe…

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MALNOURISHED - By Martin Marie Ihesiaba

Since on Sunday last week, Zainab has been sick, her lumpy middle had been swollen, her head soared to the size of a tangle ball, her visage had long dessicated and now her spinal cord came out forming the shape of a small snake on her back. She clocked 2years the day her father, Alhaji Usman di…

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I was returning home when I heard the voice. It was on a Sunday afternoon. I didn’t go to church that Sunday; instead, I had gone to my uncle’s house to wait for my husband’s call. He had gone the previous day to the American embassy in Lagos to seek for Visa after he had won a lottery my uncle and …

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THE QUIET- By Abazie Chiamaka

The house was quiet. Too quiet.

It was midday on a Monday, how could the place be this silent?

Heart pounding, she stood in the middle of the room, unable to take a step further. The sun spilled into the room, lighting it up beautifully like it always had. The worn but comfortable furnitur…

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MINGLING - Ahmed Isohinee Al-Mansur

Emily is a girl who is extremely shy and can’t express her feelings and be free  towards anything or anyone. She would through out  her learning in High school,  realise that being extremely quiet  doesn’t work out and often leads to regrets due to unspoken words locked inside.

Mondays, a…

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THE CHASE - By Aderibigbe Temitope

Lorah walks into XYB restaurant hoping to meet Lanza already seated she looks at her wrist watch discovering just a few minute to six , she had left work late enough to avoid arriving early. "Why would someone like her be waiting for a man she had meet few month ago on the social media ?" She th…

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THE CAMP - By Uyime Russell

It was on the full moon I and my friends decided to go camping in the woods

I carried my packsack waiting for my best friend Amanda but I call her “Amy”.

She calls out “Hey Hannah this is going to be the best camping ever”.

Giving her a smirk “you are always late”.


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MERCY - By Vivian Ikeh

It had been a whole week since I last talked to Mercy; We were fighting again and the worst part was I couldn't even remember what the fight was all about.

Maybe I liked another girl's picture accidentally or because she caught me staring at a pair of ass, which for the record were the ones w…

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WHACK - Enefiok Okon Udonkang

“This act cannot go unpunished” boomed Mr. Okpo the school principal, he was a short obese man nicknamed “Ball of Fire” because of how he looked when he was angry and right now he was living true to that name,  his face was all red like a grenade about to explode. He motions to the comp…

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AZARA - By Destiny Bassey

‘In a land torn apart by war, greed and lust for power; love, loyalty and courage quickly eroded. Men had become beast, drunk with the blood of the innocent; then came: the girl, the prince and the tears from a broken heart.’

To the rest of the world, it was believed that Guyanga was anni…

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JIAKKA - By Adedamola Abiodun

Whenever I imagine my mother, I envision her as a pure burning white. That’s the only colour she emits and I have marked that as her emblem. My father radiates many colours. The white glow of the moon illuminating him as a crystalline sapphire when he sits outside in the dead of the night taking in …

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THE SEARCH - Adodo Ruth

For the time I’d known this grandfather of ours, he had been a strange creature. He was bald and rarely spoke a word, so we concluded he was either mildly retarded or plain mute; his mornings began at 3am, with him fixed on his balcony, peering into the darkness, or reading something and thoug…

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HOW WAS TODAY - Titilope Odeyinka

Chigozie slaps hard against her knee, looks down at her palm and sees that she missed the mosquito. She hisses, but doesn’t let this annoy her for too long for she’s filled with anticipation. She moves her chair closer to the edge of the road. It’s evening - anytime from now and he would walk to…

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REAL FANTASY - By Fadilat Ibrahim

“LATIFAH, you see nothing comes so perfect…”   Mercy is my roommate, a good girl at that, the fact that she is a Christian doesn’t hinder our friendship; we share a lot in common, experience and thoughts, academic talks. we are both in level 400 of our departments.

Today we are just…

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INDEPENDENCE - By Oche Temitayo

I  was lost of thoughts on the pulpit during the celebrating hour of Yes I Do. My gorgeous looking white wedding gown, my blue high heel shoes tells more of something different is happening in my life.

So much pain haunting memories almost swallowed this rare happiness I forced out as Jackso…

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SWIMMING POOL- Ohechimda Victoria

The evening was scorching hot. The sun stood still almost at the center of the sky. It was definitely not ready to set and was still shinning as though it was in a competition with the other planetary bodies. The time was 5:30 pm. Lizzie, dressed in a cream palazzo trouser that was decorated wit…

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 I squeezed a sheet of paper with tears soaking it. Tears from my weary eyes. I had just squeezed the last article my father wrote before he died. He had not published it,  he printed it out  and  kept it in a folder.  The articles might be to me 'My savior.'  I cried not only because of th…

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