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MINGLING - Ahmed Isohinee Al-Mansur

Emily is a girl who is extremely shy and can’t express her feelings and be free  towards anything or anyone. She would through out  her learning in High school,  realise that being extremely quiet  doesn’t work out and often leads to regrets due to unspoken words locked inside.

Mondays, a day Emily never looks forward to just like the other school days , was it the fact that all her friends had left the school or that she was the only girl in class?..... Either way she was not looking forward to the day.       

Her introvert personality wouldn’t allow her participate in class, filling the space of being the only lady in a class full of guys was becoming a living hell and it was difficult for her to start a conversation and socialize with her classmates mostly because she was shy and an introvert. The memory of Emily's embarrassing moments even on her  first day at school still clouded her mind.  Emily  was sent by her teacher to call the Senior Prefect Jimi. She mustered courage and battling with all the naivety in her, Emily upon entering the class felt like all eyes were on her and out of fear she ran out and with uncoordinated steps she fell  causing a scene that made her the talk of the school. Another incident is when she was called out to pray during the school's fellowship of Christian Students, facing  the crowd of people and some peering eyes who would not close their eyes even on instruction, she was trembling in fear her lips like a sleeping lifeless leaf couldn't open and words were just too far away to come out, this made the students erupt in laughter and that was the height of it. Emily fainted due to embarrassment and fear, “Poor girl, said some”, “It’s black said Richard”, referring to the color of undies she wore.  Emily almost committed suicide upon seeing the video of her little embarrassment going viral on the internet after a junior student uploaded the  video . The stigma was there and this prevented her from participating in class or any social activities, she now turned 'mute' literarily  avoiding answering questions in class in fear that she may be wrong, wouldn’t ask questions to avoid the class thinking she was dumb.

It got to a point some of her classmates thought she was a snub especially when they’ll either want to add her in conversation or borrow things from her hoping she’ll start to talk but wouldn't bulge or talk. To her, they were looking for a way  to cause a scene and it felt like the whole world was out for her, she couldn’t wait to get home each day of school being worse than the previous one.

          But this particular guy Adewale  refused to accept the fact that she is a snub but rather just shy and he tries having conversation with her during lunch time but she couldn’t get through it and just ran out from the dining hall. From that day he could tell Emily was just shy rather than  a snub most people think she's, but it’ll take more than that to convince the rest of the class.

    Adewale  has started to like Emily but had no opportunity to have a real conversation with her due to the fact that she is only concerned about not making a fool of herself by avoiding socialization.              

    Adewale tells his best friend Dayo of how he feels about Emily and Dayo warns Wale from going on with his feelings and focus on his final year exam which is coming up next week, but that didn’t discourage Adewale, who wouldn’t like him he said to himself while walking home, he was a dark skinned stud with averagely built up body, smart and skilled when it comes to the athletics. Every girl wishes to be his girlfriend... She would soon be my girl he concludes. His plan was to ask her to be his date on the upcoming prom night the school was hosting for the S.S.S 3 students.

      He took her number from the school year book and called her saying he couldn’t say this in person as she’ll not give him the chance to and was forced to do it over the phone.  After pouring a heartfelt message of his love,  he said to Emily who is already dumbfounded at his confession of love...Emily I know you aren't a snub but just  a shy person, after a long awkward silence between them, Jimi started again...I love you Emily and I want to help you bring out that giant you please give me a chance... Emily finally spoke, I'm sorry this is just me and I don't know if I can be different...Adewale cuts in...Dear that does why I’m saying please give me a chance...


   Prom night is coming up on Thursday, be my date and we can start off from there and know ourselves better.  Emily immediately declined making up an excuse that she won’t be attending it and ended the call, he was stunned by her reply as he has never been turned down so easily without remorse by anyone. Emily's main reason of saying no is because she was very nervous about it and didn’t want to make a fool out of herself when it was time to dance .  She would rather stay at home than become a laughing stock! she has been avoiding  Adewale  in school and not picking his call till the long awaited day the prom night.

     All the guys were dressed in fancy suit and Emily wears a red dress with matching shoes her  very long hair  packed and styled in a ponytail, looking radiant beautiful than the word beauty itself.

    As she walks into the hall, everyone's attention was drawn to pretty Emily but as  usual she got self-conscious again and almost collided with Adewale who was walking towards her.

 Adewale walks up to her she tries avoiding him but he was too close so she had to face him. ‘Why have you been avoiding me, and I thought you said you weren’t coming?, I have been busy...  and  mom forced me to come she replied.

He whispered to her ear 'you look gorgeous and the most beautiful here'

 HMMM okay, now that you’re here would you like to be my date? I’d love to but I don’t plan on spending this time with anyone but myself she said looking down trying not to make eye contact .Well if you say so, but just know you played yourself!. Adewale left frustrated. I told you it won’t work out” Dayo said patting Adewale back, YEAH YOU WERE RIGHT... Emily devastated  that she blew her chance with a guy everyone eyes went home from there. 

     At home, Emily seats with tears in her eyes writes in her diary how she indeed played herself. She  writes a set of new principles for herself 

~Nobody can make me feel less without my permission, I'm going to walk with my head high from now regardless of what happens

~It gets better when you start caring less about what people think...

And so with her new resolve,  thinks of how she should have spent her last day in Royal High school to the fullest as her family is relocating and that means going to  a new school. She writes a letter to Adewale which went thus; Hi Wale I’m so sorry for causing you hurt... I'm just a girl caught up in the webs of inferiority complex,  being a constant laughing stock, last night was my  last day in school my family and I would be relocating , I hope someday we meet, I promise  I’d make things right. I didn’t have the courage to say this but I love you, take care and call me when you see this. [She attaches her new line under the text].

Adewale receives the letter days later and was full of smiles. Dayo sees his friend Wale in an unusual mood like he has won a lottery   and forced to ask him what brought up the sudden good mood and Wale showing him the letter with no less excitement letter reads it... Dayo asked him who played who now? And the two erupted in laughter….


I'm Ahmed Isohinee Al-mansur a current student of Federal University Of Technology Minna. Keen to creative writing with all enthuse in weaving words to cloth the uncladiness of story telling.


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