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Have you ever wondered why a large percentage of Nigerian book authors fail? You might want to site the very terrible reading culture of Nigerians. Yes that’s a very easy reason to give. So forgive the very blunt title but the harsh fact is, not a lot of people go about buying books they happen to stumble upon. If you are an avid book reader, chances are you have a certain budget you spend on books just like average movie watchers.

Every month we receive tons of emails from prospective authors who want to share that fantastic story, view, standpoint, knowledge or idea with the world. How noble. The amazing thing is these authors have a deep almost divine belief that their books will be accepted by the public. Really there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer. But what’s the point when your expectations are to make sales and bang in some cash from your efforts at writing.


So why won’t your book sell? It’s simple. You don’t have a following. You never really attracted your target audience. People don’t know what you stand for. You probably barged into the literary scene and thought you would take us all by storm. You are writing a motivational book but you have never really motivated anyone in real life. You are writing a children’s book but you have never really seen first-hand how children react to your story telling. You are even writing a religious book but your only experience of evangelism is with your family and friends. Family and friends are often the very first people to encourage you and tell you to go ahead and publish your work. You probably look at your social media page and think your 4000 friends will be the first to buy your book once it comes out. Some will even goad you telling you to bring a copy once its how and you immediately feel that adrenalin pumping. But family and social media friends don’t necessary relate with what you do. These are not people who followed you because of what you offer.

My dear friend, these people love you so much and want to encourage your work. The harsh reality is, they are just like everyone out there who either want something of value to them or are just not readers. Don’t be deceived. You don’t need family and friends to encourage you art. Most times you need people who don’t know you from Adam to appreciate your work or criticize it. You need


If there is a value to what you do, people will naturally fall for it. If you are impacting lives with Poetry, poetry lovers will warm up to you and bookmark your name as a viable source of getting daily inspiration. If you write motivation or religion and people find it easy to connect with their creator by your words alone, they would definitely look out for whatever you write to give them that daily dose of spirituality. Whatever category of writer you are, your essence stems from the simple fact that you first understand your craft and master it well. According to Socrates “Self knowledge is the aim of life” and it would do you a world of good if you attach a value proposition to your craft and let people tap from that value.

Selling becomes easy when there are already people who are crazy about your art, and style. You get more followership when people refer you as a reliable source of value.


How then do you take that very first step to creating a brand image as an author?

First, create a presence both online and offline as regards what you do. Create social media pages specifically for what you do and post stuff relating to your purpose as a writer.

Secondly Moonlight Publishing can create for you your AUTHOR PAGE on her well visited website. With this you already have a mini website that features the following;

  • You Bio
  • You works and projects
  • A preview of your work
  • A list of where people can get your book
  • A feedback form

These simple steps can get you started on your way to getting an appreciable followership and reader base. For more, you can attend the Book Chat session or Pre-Order a copy of our Ebook; Generating sales from thin air: A guide for the perplexed.



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