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THE QUIET- By Abazie Chiamaka

The house was quiet. Too quiet.

It was midday on a Monday, how could the place be this silent?

Heart pounding, she stood in the middle of the room, unable to take a step further. The sun spilled into the room, lighting it up beautifully like it always had. The worn but comfortable furniture still looked so inviting. But why did she feel so cold?

Although the house looked normal, she knew something was very wrong. But what? Trying to sum up courage she took a deep breath and stepped forward, chills dancing down her spine. The sound of her breathing loud in the silent house. Where was Mama? And Aunt Rose?

She held her breath and made her way to the kitchen. At the kitchen door she hesitated, she couldn't hear the now familiar sounds of argument over dinner. Aunt Rose and Mama had very different opinions on the quantity of ingredients and what exactly consisted a stew. Opinions neither of them were shy to express. She gave a rueful smile, recalling some of their more enthusiastic arguments. Why did she suddenly have the feeling that she had heard the last of those disagreement. She couldn't shake off the dread in her heart. They had lived together so long and yet she could not remember a day she had returned to a silent kitchen. Until now.

The coppery smell of blood reached her immediately she opened the door, and she knew. Her eyes found the smeared trail of red and helplessly she followed it. She refused to think, to allow her mind to voice the possibility. Please let it be fish. ...chicken...anything but- Mama.

The resignation she felt surprised her. She had thought that when this time came, she would feel......something. She couldn't breathe. Slowly she sank to the ground as her legs gave away. She didn't want to breathe. What did this mean? Was Aunt Rose there too? She couldn't move. She could see Mama's head from where she sat. The blue scarf she always wore in the kitchen. Her empty gaze. Her empty gaze......never again....

She drew in a shaky breath and felt the ice shatter. She began to cry in earnest, loud sobs that wracked her small frame. " Mama! Oh Mama!" she wailed.

Aunt Rose! She had to find Aunt Rose! She crawled forward, every inhale dragging a wail from her. As she crept closer she caught sight of a familiar hand. She let out a scream of disbelief.

" Ahhhhhh! Ah! Auntyyyy!"

How could this be? What had happened. Aunt Rose lay face down, a pool of red under her stomach. But Mama lay on her back, mouth slightly open, a gaping line on her neck. Evelyn felt herself gag at the sight. Choking on her tears, she tried to think. Someone had hurt Mama and Aunt Rose. But why? What had they ever done? They were the sweetest, kindest..........she choked as a fresh wave of grief overcame her. Her sobs were deep hacking coughs now. What would she do now? They were dead. Who could she call? Oh god they were dead! She couldn't breath.


Evelyn froze. She felt her blood turn to ice as terror filled her. He was still here!

She couldn't move. Why couldn't she move? Had he been watching her this whole time? Waiting? For her?!


The sound came from right above her. She screamed, scrambling to her feet and whirling.

He stood in the doorway. The knife in his hand was stained red. He leaned forward and slid it on the edge of the counter.


"You..." she croaked. He smiled and stepped closer. How had she ever fallen for that smile? How could she not have seen what he was? She glanced desperately for a weapon, but there was nothing?! He stood in the only doorway. There would be no escape.

" I've been waiting for you, Evie," he whispered, the knife flashing silver in his hands.

She screamed.

But soon the house was quiet again. Just the way he liked it.



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