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THE CHASE - By Aderibigbe Temitope

Lorah walks into XYB restaurant hoping to meet Lanza already seated she looks at her wrist watch discovering just a few minute to six , she had left work late enough to avoid arriving early. "Why would someone like her be waiting for a man she had meet few month ago on the social media ?" She thought . She looks eagerly at every one who walks into the restaurant , hoping Lanza would walk in soon. While she was about to take her leave he walked toward her apologising for his for his lateness . The two sat back at the table , during the period of their conversation they were both seen exchanging glances severally while Lorah is seen either smiling or laughing which depict Lanza has a man with a great sense of humor .

Some minutes later Lorah’s  phone rang it was Segun ; her ex who had jilted her years back for a rich girl whom he impregnated during his National Youth Service. Lorah began to wonder why Segun keeps calling after she had told him , she had forged ahead . '' Why would he ever want to come back ? '' , Lorah ignore the call while Lanza being a gentle man never wanted to ask why she has  refused to pick the call .

Lorah seen in her room ruminating on her date with Lanza . He isn’t that bad as she thought, he his a gentle man good looking, walks with a renown company and has an apartment of his own. Aside that, Lanza is indeed a caring one what else will a woman looks for in a man ?  still lost in her thought, she heard her phone ring and answers the call . It was Lanza who had called to thank her for coming and also telling her how much he would love to have her around during the weekend. She promised to call back in response to his request.

A few minute later, she heard a knock on her door . Wandering who it could be, she walk towards the door demanding who it was but no response. She opens the door and sees Segun standing by the door, she wanted to shut the door but he won’t let her, begging for her forgiveness and an opportunity to speak to her .'' I would only give you few minutes to talk and please don't waste my time out here, because I won't allow you into my house at this time of the day '' she said. Segun goes on his kneels pleading for forgiveness and an opportunity to become friends again . He explained to her that what happened between him and Jesica wasn’t intentional, he never knew she would be pregnant and he had to play along when her parent  threatened to get his family members arrested . “You mean after all this years you spent out there with that girl leaving me here to struggle with my feeling , now you are here to give me an excuse for being with her ? Can you just tell me why you are here?”  She said. Segun begins to stammers ,''Babe I . . . I . . . actually i want you to forgive me and let’s start a new life " Lorah becomes furious and manages to control her temper in order   to avoid attracting her neighbor’s attention . " Listen to me Segun , what we shared then doesn’t mean anything to you which was the reason you threw it away .So, let mean inform you that I’m  done with you, don't ever call my line nor come near my house again " Lorah pushed him aside and shut the door , she watches him through her window as he drove off .


Lorah sits on a chair sobbing and reminiscing on the pain Segun had caused her and wondering why  he showed up when she had just decided to move on with her life . It is true that Lorah had loved Segun so much that she satisfies him with whatever she has , even when it not convenient for her .Why would a man that he had show so much love walk out on her for some spoilt brat who doesn’t  know anything about commitment and sacrifice ?. It's obvious things are’nt going well between Segun and Jesica . So he wants to use her as a means of escape from his marriage.'' I’m no longer a fool! I won't let him use me this time around. it is over and am never willing to give him a chance " she said to herself as she walk towards her room . Already forgotten she has a call to make.

She Indeed has stayed long in bed , it was exactly 7am in the morning , Lorah sluggishly got out of the bed , feeling  a kind of exhaustion she couldn’t explain, probably because she slept late and had prayed all through the night never to be bothered anymore by the adamant Segun . She made her way into the bathroom thanking God its weekend, she had a day off at work . Before she could take a shower, she heard her phone beep , so she made her way back into the room . it was a message  from Lanza “Hello dear how was your night you promised to call back yesterday night but you didn’t , hope to see you this evening at the same place by 6pm”  it never dawn on her until now that she promised to call him back . Of course, she would be there and she would certainly give him the answer he had always waited for. Can’t waits to give Lanza a “YES”  for an answer . 


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