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THE CAMP - By Uyime Russell

It was on the full moon I and my friends decided to go camping in the woods

I carried my packsack waiting for my best friend Amanda but I call her “Amy”.

She calls out “Hey Hannah this is going to be the best camping ever”.

Giving her a smirk “you are always late”.

“Sorry Hannah had to pack the best stuff, you know Jason is coming and I have been crushing on him like forever” she hugged me

“Oh, Jason!” I shrugged he was my childhood friend.

Every girl in school wants to go out with him, they all think he is hot. He is somewhat cute with flaxen hair.

“I know you don’t like him” with a frown on her face

“I don’t hate him either Amy, I thought this year camping wouldn’t be about boys. “Staring at her 

She moves toward me and kissed me “Hannah no boy will ever come between us I promise you”

We both made a pinky swear fingers together.

“Best friends forever!”





My mom dropped us off at school so we could join the school bus

“Bye mom am going to miss you” I kissed her 

“Promise me you will call when you get to the camp and no kissing boys” she smiled

“Mom stop!

I love you, Hannah!

“Love you too mom bye” waving back at her as she drove off.

As I and cute Amy hopped into the bus and right there was Jason staring, smiling, damn he was cute!

I hated the chills he gave me, I couldn’t tell Amy she was so crushing on him.

I walked passed him, he winked at me. My heart sank

Smiling up at Amy she whispers “did you see how Jason was staring at me, it felt so good”.

There was something about him I couldn’t explain, it draws me to him as if we were connected.

Putting on my headphone I launch into my comfort zone and dream away….






“Wake up Hannah we are here!” trying to open my eyes I smiled here we go.

 We walked into the woods searching for the right spot

 “Amy let’s take the spot over that end” she grinned at me making a weasel face

  “Jason got a good spot for us just next to him”.

  “Are you blushing?

 “No just having a good feeling that this camp is going to be fun”.

 We made our tent with the help of Jason and everything was going great.

 “Do you want some sandwich? He stretches his hands towards me

“Yea thanks”

“Hey Hannah, remember that day we both went skating in 7th grade you fell down and I had to carry you”

“Well I remembered hitting you telling you to drop me down and biting your ears” smiling

“Yea it was fun” looking at me again “I mean you were fun” smiling back.

 “Cut it off” Amy walked in taking my hands. We both walked out





 “Hannah go with Henry and get some woods” miss Jane holding a pen and a little jotter

 She was our camping instructor,

  Henry and I both left to get woods. He is a talker I got tired listening to him.

 We use to be friends, he even made me join the art club.

“Hannah? Hanna!!!” Henry called out

 Moving towards him, I pat his back.

“Am here now Henry, don’t be scared” he smiled

 Picking up some woods and gave it to me

“Take these woods and go back to camp I will meet up later”

“No Henry we are going together,” I said with my hands folded on my chest.

“Awwww you care about me”

Rolling my eyes on him “that’s not caring boy, I just don’t want to walk back all by myself”.

“Hmm ok then, you will have to wait because I want to take a swim” he started taking off his shirt

I close my eyes and turnaround “am giving you five minutes Henry and you better be fast about it”.

He laughed “no need to close your eyes Hannah am not naked I still have my shorts on”.

We took the woods and headed back to camp.




Don’t let me go, don’t let me go!!!

Waking up from a bad nightmare, sweating, breathing heavily, looking down at Amy still sleeping

Getting up quietly, I try not to wake up Amy. She looks so beautiful watching her breath.

So I tiptoed outside, it was cold and everyone still sleeping

The full moon looks so beautiful as if it was talking to me, I inhale and exhale right then a cool breeze swipe my face.

Opening my eyes, my body filled with Goosebumps all over

I was frightened, hearing this creepy sound coming from the woods and finding myself drawn to it.

It was so dark i can hardly see through the woods, but kept going anyway.

Intense pain hit me so hard I fell to the ground, screaming in pains it hurt so badly.

I was screaming on top of my voice, snapping in pains and stretching.

“It’s your first transformation, don’t worry everything is going to be fine” I knew that voice

“Jason? I called out faintly

Hair sprouts out all over my body, my fingers growing into claws, skin pulling off and I was turning into a beast.

Finally, I made a howling, Jason made one too, and then we both howl together.

Running into the woods I was free and powerful.

Jason has always been part of me I knew it and now the connection grew stronger with our little secret.

I read about lycanthropes in folklore, never thought they were real until now that am one.


I am Uyime, I love poetry and i love writing for fun.


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