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REAL FANTASY - By Fadilat Ibrahim

“LATIFAH, you see nothing comes so perfect…”   Mercy is my roommate, a good girl at that, the fact that she is a Christian doesn’t hinder our friendship; we share a lot in common, experience and thoughts, academic talks. we are both in level 400 of our departments.

Today we are just discussing at random when we drifted to boyfriend talks. How I hate boyfriend talks with Mercy,  she always make mockery of me. And there she is again:” Hmm…”she sigh in a mockery tone. “ sometimes I doubt if you are telling the truth that a big girl like you don’t have a boyfriend, what about all those guys I see beckon on you when we go out?” she ask: “They are either course mates or just acquaintances that say’ hi’ and that’s all”. I reply. “Hmm…course mates and acquaintances.” She grimaced “why don’t you hook one of them?”  “What...i should go and hook a guy?, you are too much” I am getting worked up. “Hey girl! Don’t get angry, you see…” the sermon starts now: ” she go on and on, how I shouldn’t be afraid as if I told her I was afraid, how life now is that you should have a standing relationship with a guy before getting married. When she finishes I say: “Thank you madam, well I never said I am afraid of any guy…” She has dressing up to go out and now she say: “well, I am going out to buy something”. “Buy me some tomatoes, please” I request. “Ok, sure” she went out of the room.

THE TRUTH IS: my beautiful loving husband; I am sitting on the edge of the bed while he gets dress for work. Today is Saturday though, but he’s got a meeting with a client. Before he comes back by 2:30pm as he already told me, I should have already prepared his lunch of semo vita with egusi soup. He so much likes solid food and I told him that I would not like him having a big stomach; else I will kick it till it goes to normal. After that, I will get dress into a beautiful dress, makeup my face and perhaps settled into a  chair to do one or two work(s), being a lawyer, I would either be drafting a brief for a client or reading law books or law reports.

We had met at a conference in Ghana. It was like a fairy tale. The conference is;  the international youth diplomacy conference. It had been that we collided into each other along the hallway where everyone was lodged, as we were each hurrying somewhere to go over what we prepared for the conference. “Sorry, sorry” we both said. “You a participant too?” he asked. “Yes” I replied “maybe we can help each other?” he asked “sure, maybe” I said without thinking   “ so then, let see” and then we went out together…that was it. Throughout the activities of the conference we made a great team. Not until the last day of the conference do we know more about each other and then at the end of the day exchange phone numbers and promised to stay in touch… so we did, that we’re married.

Just two days back now we had our anniversary, in a fairy tale style. We had prepared together to have dinner just by ourselves in our sitting room…the air of romance filled everywhere, candle lights shone lovely lights into our faces, we prepared music and dance steps we were going to stage just to our self. An eventful evening, a memory I will hold and cherish for the rest of my life, our first anniversary I guess. We had a lot of hearty chats, romantic feelings that carry us through to night*…

BUT NOW, the time is passed 2:30pm, the time he promised to be back. Well no cause for alarm, he could have been held up in traffic, or something else came up that he had to take care of.

But, now I am worried, because, its 5:00pm and he hasn’t come nor called. I just  called and he said he will be with me shortly, but, his voice sounds uneasy on the phone.

I will be with you shortly and now its 7:00pm while he is just arriving; “Hey! Welcome, what took you so long?” I enquire in an anxious voice. He just kisses me on the lips, how I like the feel of that. But, today’s doesn’t feel well. “What happened?” I insisted “you see, I am very tired, it hasn’t gone well all day, lets talk about it later” he manage to say “No” lets talk about it now” I say in a fearful voice…”okay”  he says as he sees the fear in my eyes. How I hate to see that he is not alright. “so…he narrates …at the end of it all I see, something really bad happens, I feel a shudder in my vein…”well, you should go freshen up first, eat something relax and put yourself together, it’s gonna be fine”. He just gave a quite smile and drags himself away. I sat on the bed thinking of what he has told me, suddenly I start to undress, now left with singlet hanging on body and a short I start towards the bathroom as I heard the shower running down to the bathroom floor.

“LATIFAH, YOU SEE, nothing comes so perfect;  your guy could be out there waiting for you, go get him…” I jolted out of my thought at the sound of that to see Mercy standing at the top of the stairs that leads to our own floor of the hostel building. “oh! You are back” I say. “no I am going” she teases “what are you thinking that you look so on edge as you hear my voice?”,  Yes, what am I thinking? And I am going towards the toilet, what am I going to do in the toilet? “OH! NO”…(smile)


I'm Fadilat Ibrahim from Kogi State, Nigeria. An undergraduate student of law in Bayero University, Kano. I was born and brought up in Okene local government area of Kogi state, I attended my primary education at Victory Nursery and Primary school Inoziomi, Okene Kogi State and obtained an SSCE certificate at Alhilal Islamic Model College in Okene. I've got a lot of interests, the grand one of which is writing particularly, stories and poems. In the mean time, I study and write.

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