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INDEPENDENCE - By Oche Temitayo

I  was lost of thoughts on the pulpit during the celebrating hour of Yes I Do. My gorgeous looking white wedding gown, my blue high heel shoes tells more of something different is happening in my life.

So much pain haunting memories almost swallowed this rare happiness I forced out as Jackson knees where on the ground; not for pleading but to edged out his direction of his right hand to tweak the golden ring into my left fourth finger.   

Diana do you love me? He asked. I kept replying him, “Yes I do.”

The clergy man joining us was full of excitement.

I wept profusely imagining such a patience man with a persevering heart doing all he can for three decades three years in the face of escaping the oracle wraths and dad bullets from his Dane gun, all this—to get his heartthrob into his heavenly mind.

Williams the heartless man I called my father hadn’t done enough for me to like him just for a pinch. 

Every first day of yearly October Nigeria celebrate her independence; for me it supposed to be my joy but rather time for planning higher suicide or escaping from the ironed cage he constructed for me as his prisoner for almost five decades plus; this inheritance pattern dad delved himself into usually prolonged his life as he selfishly believes after the Oracle has performed some fetish Juju on me.           

At age of 51, most hearers would say this woman had attained menopause age, how comes a promising young man take her to be his bride on the altar?

For one that had a reading mind something pissed off had occur which now brought my freedom happiness. Jackson may had want me to forget it all, but it can be difficult for me. Jackson saw now my October one as one memory that would always be celebrated forever.

Williams had numerously swore this can never happen except he dropped dead. Jackson head was his major target should he dare convincing me to marry him.

Williams my dad had turned Jackson’s pocket into a money making machine for just to see me in the cage for decades.

Mom would had wished celebrating this day with me but dad had frustrate her to commit suicide and chopped her body to pieces with an axe.

Right in my eyes, dad drunk her blood and forced rest of it into my partly closed mouth in accompany with Aginbin the cannibalistic oracle.                                

That October one was the worst of it. They left me hungry which I search about for food; some raw meat became a satisfaction to my stomach. I later learnt it was Somto’s flesh, my mother’s flesh.

For weeks I refused eating for fear of eating another flesh named some sort of food.

“Diana drink the wine!” Jackson mutters directly into my ears. I’m lost in thoughts as he saw me like that. To turn back horrifying decades hands of time difficult for me this particular time stepping tears dropping on the low.

He knew I may be up to something; but this something may be to go back to my father’s house and accord his already fast decomposing corpse a proper burial since I still had some grudges over him.

“Today is special of all October one for me and you in history of Nigeria.”

The congregation noticed my sudden inclination to Jackson’s happiness and rose to gratifying clapping with smiles while chorusing the rhythmic message,                     

‘Happy Independence.’

“Diana,” the clergy man called, “I knew when you came into this world.”                           

Surely my glory was tampered with by household enemy.

Now delay is not denial. Dad could had foreseen  this new October one, but he and the oracle had dropped dead  while screaming not to see my guardian heavenly angels whose mission is to break away the decades metallic chains on my hands by just emitting unbearable lights to it.

Our wedding day was bright with coolness, forever I wouldn’t panic again merely hearing dad calling me in harsh tone, now something of the past.

My new look signals a new name for me hesitantly.

Congratulations to ourselves as we both can be called Mr and Mrs Jackson!




Oche Temitayo Eche, a novelist, essayist, poet, playwright. He hailed from Benue State, currently living in Kaduna.

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