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ICED TEA - By Badmos Aisha

I'd seen her a couple of times run through this same route most morning. whenever I jog past her I greet her and then increase my pace, but on this fateful day, I ran up to her, she didn't seem to notice me as I jogged along side her, I knew she was close to her stopping point as usual, the cafeteria where I worked, my shift was always at night, so the Mangemntt would have no problem if I brought a beautiful woman for coffee.

We both stopped, I said hi and waved at her, she nodded, still catching her breath. She replied  "I'm nine" stretching out my hand to her, she had a "what?" look on her face, I chuckled, she did too,

 "your parents named you nine?" 

"No my friends did"

"Would you like an iced tea? They serve the best in town" she smiled and followed me inside. 

My colleagues were all beaming at me as I worked in with her, I didn't know her name but I was sure to find out before she finished her tea, John came to take our order, he addressed me as "Mr Fred" Sabi boy, he didn't want the lady to know I'm a waiter too, I went with the flow, each one of them came to the table to greet "Mr Fred" I definitely had to leave a fake tip behind. 


"you come here frequently and tip them well" she said, 
I smiled at her "why do you say so" 

"the entire staff has come to greet you" Mr Fred"

I laughed, I actually own this place, her face lit up

"Oh wow" she said, sipping her tea, "yes wow" 

"What's with the name Vivian" she looked puzzled 

"Named it after my mom" she had opened the door for names, "What's yours" I asked, she got up and handed me a card, her business card, it read "Vivian Osas, CEO Vivian group of companies" 

She owned the iced tea restaurant and I've been working here for 3 bloody years.


Am Aisha Badmos by name, a student of University of Ilorin, studying counseling education, I love writing.

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