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GUNTA- By Haniel Udoh

"April, you don't need to do this" blabbed june soberly. The one who's view is constant, my synonym of hope.I raised up from the bed and sat up like an old widow with no gaze scanned beyond the room, my visuals met at venus,the day felt like my last,my drenched sockets forgot to blink, while oxygen switched places with agony."hand me the rope June,I need to end this!"walking up to the door backwardly with the ropes in her hand behind her back was June, she just cared too much, my consolation price for existing if u'd permit me say.I placed my palm on my face in other to cause a deception for June and she fell for it.quickly, I ran off the bed like a destined train took the ropes from her and made a run out of the room and practically out of the house.ignoring the foot steps after Wards


Marching out towards Mrs Sullivan's  large garden, a pop of excitement sprang forth as I sited a mighty guava tree, it was the perfect death route.quickly I rushed towards it placed the wooden garden bench beside it's stems, climbed on it and began knotting the ropes."hello April, need a hand?"the fact that the voice was recognisable wasn't the issue but its familiarity caused me a death stare as My eyes met his.

 "the look on your face is priceless"

he laughed "Dad!" Fear screamed out of me" what are you doing here? Where's mom? You both left me why?" He takes three steps closer to the bench while raising his hands to help me down." No! you can't be real" I screamed out loud and jumped of the bench using a speed of 200km out of the garden and there I bumped into June" let me be, your not the one here who just lost her parents and your definitely not the one with!" I paused cause of the magnitude of tears that ran down my chicks. Then I noticed the empathy from June and I walked off pace after pace like a wounded butterfly struggling to get aid.


I walked right into the middle of the road and stood  there, waiting for the next ride to Knock this sorrowful life away. "Are you trying to get killed?" A lady in her fifties asked while sticking her head out of her car window as she halted her ride.

" Yes ma'am, please go ahead and end this misery" the lady opened her car door and stepped out to meet me.placing her right and left fingers on my shoulders" what's the problem child why would you want to die? " She spoke like she cared "Noooooo."



"April your awake, thank God"the room didn't look familiar ,I felt a lot of pain in my head and I was on a bed really bandaged, like an Egyptian mummy what could have happened? I don't remember anything and worst of all whose this girl smiling at me like she'd just won a lottery?.

"Doctor am so glad your here,April is awake"

the man planted a smile on his face "June your friend is a fighter but we've got a problem though "

a problem? How could he say I had a problem I've never felt better in my entire life and why is this girl so perturbed about what he said?

  " Yes doctor ,I know about the cancer and is that the problem you where referring to?"

Cancer?? This folks are loosing it, I ain't got no cancer what are they saying and why do I feel too weak to voice out my opinion? Oh know, this must be a movie.

"Miss June am sorry about the cancer and the physical injuries and besides that, your friend has got Amnesia "

 And what's that supposed to mean? Why me? Why all of this? At the mention of Amnesia June began to weep and then I who's got the cancer and the Amnesia have no tears to shed? Worst day of my life loading


" It's okay June, she'll b fine after few days or weeks or months she'd  remember you, you should b lucky she's alive, the woman she got hit with died on the spot" June covered her mouth with her hands" that's sad doctor I sympathize with her family" the doctor shakes his head towards his left and his right " one more thing june , April's hair has began to pull and I'd advise we'd go to my office to discuss further about her condition" pull? This folks are sick! And June wept so hard why did she have to feel the pain of another's injury? She stood up immediately and followed the doctor out of the room.


Few minutes after they left the door slammed opened a very handsome young man walked into the room and headed for the sit beside my bed, and then he laughed, he had to b crazy cause Noting was funny

" do you believe in God" I was not able to utter a word but I was able to give him a death stare and shake my head side ways.

"obviously you don't"

he opened his right hand and then right inside it I saw Tobi my late elder brother getting burned non stop in the lake of hell and then I saw my parents on white in a beautiful place singing and worshipping the one they call God.indeed Tobi lived an unrepentant life and that life led him to death, I got angry at God since then." April you've been given a second chance" said the stranger as he walked away but who was he and how and why did he show me those things, after all God took my brother and then he took my parents!and left me with cancer!


"Wake up miss Gunta"

your parents are here to see u.

"my baby"

 mom hugged me

"doctor said your cancer disappeared" my parents hugged me.what?everything was

A nightmare?


Am Haniel Austin Udoh from Akwa ibom state.a graduate from the University of calabar.writting is a beautiful potential I hope the work gets to know that some day.

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