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WHY GOD MADE MAN - Taiwo Olawole

First glance at Taiwo Olawole’s book “God Made Man to Be Like God; A Compendium of some of the basic principles of Godliness,” gave me the feeling that it was just another book explaining how God created the world and predestined its course. I dropped the manuscript for a while and moved on with my life (after-all the editors at Moonlight Publishing were the ones saddled with editing and proofreading manuscripts). My job is mainly marketing but I knew I was definitely going to have to read this after the editors turned in the edited copy. How would I Market a book I know nothing about? I was busy replying a mail from a rather ambitious writer when I got that call from the author asking me what I thought of the book. I really could not give a clear cut reply on what my opinion was. Midway through our discuss, I realized I somewhat liked the writer. Truthfully I was in no mood to talk religion and the scriptures but still I asked him to explain to me what inspired his writing. I was awed by the man himself. He seemed very articulate and knew his onions. I decided I was going to read the manuscript on my way home. Thank God I wasn’t driving. I picked a good spot in the public bus and started to read. In his words;

“The contents of this book, prepared over a period of many years, are not meant to be subjected to logic or some myopic theological or fanatical premises. They can only be appreciated through the ministration of the Holy Spirit of God.”

Apparently Taiwo had always nursed the ambition to get his writing to avid book readers both in Nigeria and beyond. A prolific writer with a knack for perfection, Taiwo’s thoughts are deep. Something you would definitely expect from someone who has spent years as a counselor and missionary. An alumni of the University of Lagos, and Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Taiwo has a deep rooted understanding of religious perspectives and this is quite evident in the fact that he had to renew his faith in1982.

Touching on a number of concepts that hitherto have been a source of various discussions and arguments, you definitely will be awed by the author’s simple way of explaining these terms.Enjoy.


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