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LIFE OF NINA - By Ama Goodness Elochukwu

Nina heard a knock on the door and about to open the door she felt goose bumps all over her body as her palms kept scratching her

“What could that be?” She over looked all that and went to open the door only to see miracle, was she dreaming?

        “What are you doing here” She asked as tears ran out of her eyes

        “Nina I am sorry for putting you through all this, I have come to make it up to you” He knelt down at the entrance with his head bowed to Nina’s feet.

Nina was a brainy and gorgeous lady who received various award of excellence and came out a first class student from the University of Abuja. I would classify her as an Idol cause she had it all and was the envy of all coupled with the fact that she was coming from a sophisticated family.

        Back in school days, she had a close friend called Miracle, Miracle was quite different from Nina when it came to class (background) and he was cute and tall with brains too. Their friendship grew into something stronger.

        One day, Nina decided to invite miracle over for a family dinner for him to get acquainted with her family but things went bad as her parents bluntly refused accepting him, and Nina was forced to choose between the love of her life and her family. This was a difficult one, yet she made a decision that brought great consequences to her as her family disassociated themselves and withdrew her right from her. This got her devastated and confused but yet she didn’t go back on her word, she joined miracle to squirt in his one room apartment as life became difficult for both of them coupled with the fact that her account went zero. All the firms and companies in Abuja had received a copy of miracles CV yet no result came out.

        After the usual Morning Prayer, a call came into miracles phone and without hesitating, he picked up the call and behold it was one of the companies he had submitted his CV to few months ago. He was asked to come for an interview that Morning, this brought back the joy that was lost. Little did Nina Know? That sorrow and pain was ahead.

        Miracle left immediately and that was the last time Nina set her eyes on him….. She waited to hear from him but nothing, his lines where off, weeks went and she was so worried, she cried each passing day.

        One early morning a knock came on her door, hurriedly she opened the door but didn’t see anyone, she stepped out and looked around yet she saw nothing. About closing the door, her eyes went to the floor of her door and behold an envelope, she hesitated and after a while she picked it up only to see a letter with miracles writing telling her that life has become better without her and that all she brought was bad luck. This wasn’t real, she tried consoling herself as she threw herself to the ground and groaned, tears freely ran down her eyes that after a while, she seriously fell ill and as God could have it, her neighbor who has been monitoring her, took her to the hospital where she was told that she was a month and few weeks pregnant. She screamed and cried, people around consoled her and with the help of her neighbor she went home. She went to a mini bar to look for a job, due to her beauty, she was accepted and that was how she was able to sustain herself and her baby.

        Nine months later, Nina conceived of twins (a boy and a girl). From the day of delivery, favour ran after her making life better, she moved to a better apartment and got a better job.

        Years passed and Nina grew over her past until the goose bumps knock came at the early hours of the morning

        “What are you making up for” Nina couldn’t hold back her tears

“Nina my love I didn’t forget you, I have been looking all over Abuja for u, after I left the house some men came and held me hostage, forced me to write a letter to you and tortured me telling me never to see you. But I was able to escape” he cried uncontrollably

“Nina my child forgive him, we are sorry for making u go through all this pains, we are responsible for the separation between you too”

Immediately both lovers looked to see where the voice was coming from, only to see her parents on their knees with tears in their eyes

“What is happening here……”

        “Mummy!” two innocent voices came out from the room

So much confusion and shock in the air as her parents and miracle looked to see whose voices those where and behold it was her lovely twins Chinoyerem and chidubem

“Nina I love you and always will, nothing changed, u have always been in my heart, no one took your place. Even if you’re married, I don’t want to lose you as a friend…”

                “Shut up, they are your kids, I went through hell, I fought death and depression, I was mocked but God never left my side by giving me these kids that brought favour to me” she cried more and lifted him from the floor he was and hugged him then she looked to her parents saying “I forgive you two” they ran to her and there was a great bounding among them.

        Miracle was now a big guy cause he had become the CEO of his company and Nina was automatically promoted to the MD in her dads company, he quickly moved them over to his mansion and they did a very sophisticated wedding where their little cuties where the page boy and little bride. Life became smooth and they lived happily ever after


I hail from Naze in Owerri North Local Government area Imo state.  I am a student of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri. Writing, dancing and communicating with people is my hubby.


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