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RESCUE MISSION - By Onwuemenyi Godsfavour

It was a very cold weather, Nnoli with Chimma, were in tears, looking for a place in the forest where they can hide from both cold and death that await them. Their father had been captured by the blood sucking vampires of the Isiala village . Their mother had gone out to get some water while their father had gone to get meat for their lunch, that afternoon. It was like a blink, the moment their parents left,  the blood drinkers entered the farm. Everyone in the farm ran helter skelter. These blood suckers were more armed than even the farmers and animal hunters.   Silence was seen among the farmers in all corners of the farm. The palm wine tappers followed suit and died million times before one remembers they all were on the tree.

 In the bushy path, where lots of animals were seen,   Nnoli's father was busy looking for food for his family, not minding the noise around him, when he was captured. In the stream, information had reached the folks there on time so all  hid quietly living their water cans, which were destroyed by the  blood suckers.

Nnoli was just Four years old and two years older than the sister, Chimma.  As the blood suckers ravaged the areana for hours, everyone was on the hide out and their mother prayed for their safety and protection from above. It was getting dark and their parents were no where to be found.  They were about running into danger, when a palm wine tapper watching them quietly signalled the older boy to be quiet or they both die. So Nnoli used his hands and covered his sister's mouth to shut the crying child up before she lands them into trouble.  Watching the palmwine tapper from below, Nnoli felt, they had a companion, so he prayed silently to God for protection. Few minutes later, Nnoli's sister was asleep and he was free from the stress  of continuous pleading for the sister to understand that they are in deep danger. Minutes later, his only companion, the palm wine tapper, was not seen on the tree again. It was getting dark and danger  was written in all corners of the bush. He was left with no idea. He heard sounds of movement, but didn't understand whose. From a distance, he saw  a tall man approaching with a machette and a long gun, he smiled in his thought, as he assumed the man was coming for their rescue. He freaked out when he got closer to them and he was just about standing to signal him of their hide out, when he realized he was not the palm wine tapper but a member of the blood sucker gang, walking all alone in the bush seeking for prey to capture. He moved down as he sighted his hand band indicating his group.

As he was about sitting down, he noticed a stone had hit the man who made some noise to alert his men that some " roaches " as they term their prey are still in the bush, but he was not loud, as a bigger man, just hit him hard on the chest, that was the hunter, who was coming to save the kids. From behind the hunter, was a tattered woman, she ran like a wounded lion, who just escaped from the zoo. She was looking for her kids. The palm wine tapper was almost close to the kids, when she ran up to him, seized him from his neck through the back and hit him hard on his manhood while shouting, Nnoli are you two ok. The man amist pain was looking for words to explain to her that both of them are on same rescue mission, but she was deaf with fear, she grabbed Nnoli, while lifting the little girl and then zoomed into the forest. Nnoli knew her mother didn't even hear him shout , " mummy, he was the palm wine tapper who had been watching us since you and daddy left us." But he murmured some words to the man, "thanks our rescue mission man, and may you be rescued too", as their mother grabbed him and ran like breeze . Just on the road, she felt her leg hit a dead man, she had a torch, she shined it on the body and realized her stone had hit same man from a far. She must have hit the wrong fellow, she thought. 'Who did I hit then, she asked aloud as she was running with her two kids to bring them to safety. " The man who was going to save us, the palm wine tapper" ,  Nnoli replied her. At this juncture, she realized , she had done a horrible act, the same man she begged to always watch her kids like the God above, because he can see so many from the long trees, same had done  her great did, same she almost killed. She cried bitterly and prayed like his son too. " God please rescue him ". Then she dashed towards a building, she can see people running from different parts of the bush into the building,  she was almost close when another man who has almost the height of his husband ran towards them, she dropped Nnoli's hand and lifted her right fist to hit him when she remembered the palmwine tapper, then she prayed silently in her heart, God please rescue us. The man ran to them, it was dark but a little light from the building and songs of praise were giving them hope. The man too had escaped death from the blood suckers  who had captured him earlier and was heading to the bush on a rescue mission, when he noticed a woman carrying two kids, he ran to them, to be sure they are his family. By now Nnoli's mom, could recognize her husband very well. They all ran into the church filled with security men.


My name is Onwuemenyi Godsfavour a final year Student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike.

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