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MALNOURISHED - By Martin Marie Ihesiaba

Since on Sunday last week, Zainab has been sick, her lumpy middle had been swollen, her head soared to the size of a tangle ball, her visage had long dessicated and now her spinal cord came out forming the shape of a small snake on her back. She clocked 2years the day her father, Alhaji Usman died,that was  two months ago at the mosque where the suicide bombing first started in borno and since then poverty graced their lives. Her mother had become displaced after the  terrorist group had come with ammunition destroying houses looking for women to lay with and then slaughter with their dagger that almost took the shape of a half moon.

Zainab's breathing increased, her body became hot. it blazed the foreskin of her mother's back palm as she passed grime water through Zainab's face to cool down her temperature. After she has been drenched with fulani herbs in her mouth she slept off on the wrapper at the side of her mother in the front yard corner of one of the stores in the market. It was the same market that many displaced persons in different unsettled communities now come to take shelter.


The owner of the store had come to open her shop the next morning when she saw both Zainab and her mother sleeping, she decided to wake the mother, then zainab's mother placed her hand at her neck. Zainab was extremely cold like iced fish, her mother hit, pinched and even slapped the two years old child at her back but it became obvious that she had long gone to the other world.


I am a writer, a critic an actor a poet. I am an all round thespian

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