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VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR - Zubaidat Jatto

If you are a lover of the twilight series and a fan of vampire stories, then you just might want to read this. To tell the truth, I thought an attempt at this could lead to a disaster. A Nigerian author, writing about vampires and all. The alarm bells kept ringing and I even tried convincing Miss Zubaidat to think this through. The young lady was adamant. She had the sheer will to do it and she expressed them in no small terms. If she could fantasize about it, she could actually write about it.

Writers are dreamers. I have seen them all. Some are inspired by their realities and experiences. Some others claim to have been inspired by some force too complex for the imaginations of mere mortals. In all….it boils down to how you can express your most crazy ideas in mind-blowing detail. Yes talking about characterization, the author assumes the position of a demi-god who can fashion out characters and behavioural patterns for actors in the story. Sometimes little details and gestures also makes for a good story that is visually impacting.

The young writer who lives with her parents in Abuja has tall dreams. I was amazed at the fluency of the writing. I was never a fan of vampire stories but then….this had a mixture of romance and youth. I always fall for these any day.

This book actually got me. An encouraging debut. It brought the chill and suspense I always loved. In my very sincere opinion, Zubaidat Jatto cleared my doubts and made me believe.  She definitely does have a lot to learn and would rock the literary scene in years to come.


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