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All I could hear  was the  blare of siren, which seemed to be the only sound that reached me as I stood in the middle of the rain soaked street not knowing where my tears ended and the falling rain began, as my mother was slowly lowered onto the stretcher and moved into the ambulance that stood nearby,  bright lights that seemed incomprehensible to me in my cloud of grief blaring from it. being taken away I can’t believe what happened to her but without doubts, its my fault. It all started on a Saturday morning. I knew my mom had blood pressure for some reasons I’m not sure of. I never actually got to know my dad ,my mom never talked about him . That day,  I shouted  out of anger to my mom and that’s how I got myself in this present situation.

My house is so quiet now that my mom is in the hospital despite the thin walls. I walk down the stairs in agony. I wore my blue dress that my mom gave me and left to the hospital to visit my mom.

I slowly enter the cream layered hospital and went to my mon's hospital room it looked way better than our house which was in poverty there is a plate but barely food there is a bulb but no light. Oh how I wish I was rich . I never even got to go to college cause of our poverty. I sat down beside my mother who was sleeping. “Eliza? She said opening her eyes “y..y ..yes..sss. mom” I said in tears. GI to new York and look for your dad, forget about me , my days are out numbered” she said . “my dad is alive ? “ I said “yes look for him, dear” said mom nearly breathing. “I can’t leave you Mom “ I said with tears rolling down my cheeks.  “bye” she said as she slowly laid down and in a few minutes , she was gone.

(2 weeks later)

I just arrived in new York . I had to use my life savings to enter a subway to take me to new York. I have no where to go . I’m wandering about looking for a job. I finally find a restaurant that says, NEW WAITER NEEDED I rush inside to get a job I then see a blonde haired lady in pink and she comes towards me and gives me a dirty  look .”can I help you?” she said.  “I saw your flier that you are looking for a waiter and I want the job “ I said ignoring her. “enter that office and you will see the manager “ She said with a groan. “thanks” I said walking to the direction she showed me. I entered and saw a strict  looking guy sitting on o chair. The office is painted in blue and cream . “you must be here for the job” he  said  “Yes sir “I said. “Well you got it” he said. “REALLY !!!!!” I SAID “yeah just go , you are starting today so go to the counter and give the lady this card” he said giving me a card “thanks” I said collecting it   . I immediately give her and she gives me an apron and I start working . I worked for hours and when it was time to close, I took my suitcase and entered the kitchen (in the restaurant) and went off to sleep.

A few months later

I have been working in the restaurant and I am  paid 500 hundred dollars every month. I got a rusty apartment and also got a lot of foodstuffs . today I’m going to Phil’s enterprises , I think my dad works there. You must be wandering how I know ,  its cause my mom gave me his picture and I saw him entering the place right now. So I’m going to enter. I also met this boy named mike he usually comes to the restaurant to meet me. Did I mention that we're dating? It’s  long story all I know is that he is the love of my life. After work I entered the office its really huge the first thing I saw was the receptionist. She had a friendly smile. “Can I help you?”  “she said.” “I’m here to meet someone “ I said “What is his name” she said “I don’t know” I said “well do you have an appointment ?” she said “no” I said “well then I can’t  let you enter” she said “please I need to see him” u said “I’m sorry dear but I can’t you should go before it gets worse” she said sternly “please it very important” I said “I said no its not possible ” she said “you don’t understand how important this is I have to ………..” I said “SECURITY!!!!!!” She shouted then two men came up to me and took me out of the company.

I can’t believe I came all the way from France just to get humiliated I guess I will have to just keep working in a restaurant till I die. I will never get to meet my dad. Different thoughts came to my head , I didn't notice that mike was in front of me. “Why are you so bumped” he said “nothing where are you going” I said “ to meet my dad in that company” he said “your dad works at  Phil’s enterprises?” “yeah” he said “can I come with you?”I said “yeah sure let’s go”

We entered and that receptionist glared at me as soon as soon entered. “what are you doing here again you ………”she said but mike suddenly stops her and says “she is with me” “oh have a nice day” she said . we entered the elevator and finally got to his dad's floor and when we entered I saw him and looked at my dad's picture and it looked almost the same “dad?” I said with surprise. He immediately stood up and looked at me and said “Eliza ?!!!!”he said and came to give me a hug.

“Dad, She's my long lost sister?!!!!”

“yes son” he said


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