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Book publishing is highly cerebral. It takes a great deal of  depth to get something unique and different. Half of the task of marketing is done when you have a good product however the blueprints to getting a unique product in this case books, is often times hazy. Here we present 6 good tips on writing a marketable book.

1. Research - is there a market for my book?
Visit your local bookstore as well as the various on-line stores. Look for books similar to yours i.e. a similar topic e.g. health, science fiction, business etc. Now compare your book to those already available. How does it rate? Can you compete with them? If yes, then you may have something special in the box!

2. Do you have a unique idea?
Sometimes your topic may be unavailable in book form. Perhaps it’s because no one has thought of this brilliant idea and you could have a bestseller on your hands. Or it could be that people are just not interested enough in the topic. We advise you to approach friends, family and professionals (editors etc.) and ask their honest opinion. 

3. Do you have a bold and fresh creative concept?
In other words, if your book is about a healthy lifestyle, do you feel that you have a unique angle to launch it from i.e. is it different in a fresh and bold way to similar topics? Or are you rather just recreating what others have written about? Clarify your thinking if you are at this stage of the publishing process.

4. Does your book have appeal?
If it is a non-fiction book, have you researched your topic thoroughly, checked your facts and provided updated and interesting information to your particular target market? If it is a fiction book, have you made sure that your characters come alive i.e. can readers identify and empathize with them?

5. Obtain someone’s point of view
Pass your completed manuscript on to someone you trust and whose opinion you value and ask them for their honest evaluation and constructive criticism. Be careful not to give it to the wrong person e.g. you wouldn’t give a book on sewing to someone who has absolutely no interest in the subject.

6. Good readability and individual style is helpful
It does help if your manuscript is well written and understandable for your market. Although editors will clean up your work (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure etc.) they will generally try and keep an author’s own individual style of writing.

Teslim Sanni

Teslim calls himself a Digital Ninja....though his roots have nothing to do with the cultures of Japan. However his passion for well written books is unrivaled. If you don't find him at the hottest book events in town, you are sure to find him watching his favourite soccer team (Stationery Stores FC of Lagos) play and screaming his lungs out in support. He also spends his time coaching a grassroots charity sports team SCN Foundation who play to advocate for Health & Social Impact.

Twitter: @tesleemsanni

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