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WHO IS DADDY- By Solomon King Udoh

Sitting in the big parlour wondering why life was so unfair, Zim almost sluggishly drank the poison he bought three days ago.

Zima walked in crying with her face swollen as if she had a coalition with a trailer. Zim with shock, gently dropped the bottle of poison wondering what might have made his twin sister cry.

A little flashed back ran through his mind remembering when he made a promise to his only sister guaranteeing her of being her shield in all upshot of her life as long as he is alive.

“What is wrong with you?” He asked convincingly, ready to provide all solution to her problem.

Zima couldn’t conceal the tears she had been withholding as she burst out in tears. “Our friend Mike insulted me over our family’s problems because I refused to bend to his proposal of giving hate speech about moonlight publishing firm which was one of the prime publishing sectors in the country, after much pleading and proposing of cash from mike who is an agent under the pink publishers”. She explained.

Zim's anger grew so high as if he could destroy the world with his bare hands, after a while he calmed down and began patting Zima hair “don’t worry I will confront Mike and give him a thoughtful warning never to insult you again. Okay?” Zima smiled and nodded her head. He also advised Zima to always stick to the right things in life and leave the act of critics over what is not her business.

While Zim entered the room to get dressed in quest of meeting mike, a resounding knock on their gate occurred; Zima rushed out to see who must be banging without manners behold it was a post officer whose time was walking against.

“Good morning” he said.

“Good morning sir, how can I help you” Zima replied.

Raising the letter up to have a clearer view of the name on it “I have a letter to be delivered to one Uche John, I hope I’m at the right place.”

Zima sigh while collecting the letter from his hand “this better be good” she said as she signed and bided the man farewell. Zima stood at the gate wondering what must have come over her to do such thing by collecting the letter from the man not knowing who the Uche John was, she became so worried knowing completely well that she has probably entered into a big jumble she might not easily scale through.

She rushed inside the house meeting Zim almost dressed to leave the house; “I heard a resounding knock at the gate a while ago, who was that?” he asked.

With a chocked cracked voice Zima not knowing how Zim would react to the mistake she did with fear pointed the letter at Zim that she mistakenly collected it from a post officer who missed his address, Zim repudiated to collect the letter instead he asked her to look for the post officer and return it before she oversights his track, Zim took off to mike’s office.

Zima thought of where and when to begin the search to find the post officer; “what if I don’t see him what would I do?”She thought without finding a way out.

Zim went straight to Mike’s office raving in anger like he wants to bring the entire building down, Mike immediately knew it was because of what he asked Zima to do that was why Zim was uproar, he looked-for space to leave the office but Zim’s anger chock-full the whole space in the office, Mike had no choice than to plead with a soft tune promising Zim never to ever disturb Zima again.

Zim angrily walked out from the office, Mike’s colleagues were speculating what he might have put himself into that brought about such intensity of alarm in his office.

Zima walked round the street looking for the post officer but he was nowhere to be found, she wondered if the man was a spirit that he could just vanish from her expanse so quick, after much strained and time wasted without yielding any positive result she walked back home whistling a native song she don’t know the lines looking at people like she was new in the area.

On getting home Zim was already sitting in his usual spot in the parlour lost in thought, as he lifted up his eyes and saw the letter still in her hands.

“Why didn’t you return the letter back to the post officer” he asked softly.

“I have searched all nooks and crannies but I couldn’t find him” Zima told him.

“No problem sit down lets discuss a very important issue” he said.

“We need to meet mummy when she comes back at night and ask her to disclose who is daddy or we will find it out ourselves in a way she might not like because this is getting out of hand” he said rubbing his temple.

Zima considering the shame she received from Mike and also knowing her father is significant supported the idea.

“Meanwhile the process of knowing who is daddy will not be a smooth task so we need to crack our heads and hit the nail directly in the head before it becomes twilight” Zima added, she took the letter and went to her room, resting for a while she thought of opening the letter at least to see it content. Whistling which was part of her nature began unconsciously as she gradually carried the letter and opened behold it was job appointment for Uche John which he was to resume the next two weeks as a computer personality designer in the biggest technological sector “Royal tech.” 

“My twin brother is an experienced computer personality designer, a first class graduate of computer engineering and software development who also have knowledge in computer programming without a job after school. We need to make use of this life changing opportunity since the salary is ample”. She thought.

She went straight to Zim’s room explained everything to him and how he could grab the opportunity by faking his identity to be Uche John. “Wow this idea is awesome but it will require high level of intelligence”. He said So the quest of finding out who is daddy and faking himself as Uche John began.

Solomon King Udoh is a Nigerian author of young adult fiction and non fiction books. He is gifted with exceptional knowledge in writing, ready to storm his society with positivity. He is currently a student of the University of Abuja. Always ready to make friends as long as there is love and unity.

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