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Innocent Ajegba walked into our office at Ikeja in doubt. He had come accross Moonlight Publishing by conducting a google search on his mobile phone on where to publish in Nigeria. We popped up and he came around to meet the Team. Yes we are a team of individuals who love even the smell of books.

Read what he had to say;

"Getting published has been what I always wanted to do. I once tried sending my Manuscript to a couple of traditional publishers
in Nigeria and abroad. Sometimes I wondered if they ever read what I sent. Then I met the guys at Moonlight Publishing.

I was angry when they told me they could not work on my manuscript. The word used was "it was poorly written". I went home fuming. Why then had I being invited to their office. I thought they would just tell me their terms, cost and we move from there. Next day I got a call from a staff and he put me through why they wouldn't just publish my book even though I had the money to spend. I realized there and then that it wasn't about money. What I really needed was a team who could tell me the Blatant Truth. They offered to help me through the entire process.

Lies did not get me anywhere with my previous publishers. So I signed up for Pre-press. This is where I got saved. I realized I
 still made some embarrassing errors with the structure of my work. I cannot even share the initial cover design a graphic artist made for me.

I must say the process must have been grueling for them because in the end, I came to the realization that I was not at the level I should be with writing. I was reassured, that it would be fine since my manuscript was very relevant and the editors were going through it. The amazing thing was how well I was sill part of the process even when I was in another state. Now we are done with the PRE-PRESS stage for my new book There Was A Day In Africa and ready to print."

Innocent U. Ajegba (There Was A Day In Africa)

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