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SWIMMING POOL- Ohechimda Victoria

The evening was scorching hot. The sun stood still almost at the center of the sky. It was definitely not ready to set and was still shinning as though it was in a competition with the other planetary bodies. The time was 5:30 pm. Lizzie, dressed in a cream palazzo trouser that was decorated with patches of flowers from the waistline down to the ankle, matched this up with her plain black chiffon top which had golden beads around its V-shaped neck. Admiring herself in the half broken mirror she had in her room, Lizzie decided to take a walk. She held her hand fan delicately as she strolled down the streets of SRS. She caught the attention of both male and female as they stared at her in admiration. She had an excellent sense of fashion.

"What are they all staring at?" She asked herself smiling brightly. She knew exactly what the answer was.  "I’m really stunning today," she told herself. As if to confirm her thoughts, a handsome young man approached.

"Hello beautiful ..." he said, smiling at her.

"Hi," Lizzie answered snobbishly.

"You look dazzling like the evening sun, I must say."

"I know," Lizzie said bluntly, feeling butterflies in her tummy.

"Yeah, you sure do know," he smiled again. "Where are you heading to, pretty?"

"Just taking a walk."

"Wow, that's cool. Do you mind if I join you?"

"Suit yourself," Lizzie responded, still feeling fly.

"I am Josiah, but my friends call me Jossy," the handsome chap introduced himself.

"Lizzie," she responded as though he was disturbing.

"Lizzie, beautiful name for a beautiful princess that you are." He was still smiling.

"It's a pleasure meeting you I must say. I am sure fate has brought us together," Josiah continued talking as they kept strolling down the road.

They had walked past SRS now and are now approaching the River Benue Bridge. The sun was now gradually setting. The bridge seems to have some sort of coolness. The wind blowing steadily across them left Lizzie's hair flying up in the air. She had carefully selected this Indian hair the day she went to Tayo's saloon. As if she knew a day like this would come. "I am a lucky child," she thought to herself. "Thank God I did not answer Tayo when she suggested I made razor cut. Something just kept telling me to pick this hair. Now, see the way the hair is flying like I'm some Indian queen,” she thought, smiling broadly. 

"Watching you smile is like enjoying the winter snowdrops. So, may I know why are you are smiling, my snow white?" Josiah asked, now holding her hand.

            "Nothing," she replied.

They walked through the pedestrian walkway on the River Benue Bridge. He bought her fan yogo from a young boy dressed in a red Tommy Fila tee-shirt who rolled his yogurt bike passed them.

"Thank you, Tommy," Lizzie said gracefully, directing her thanks to the yogurt boy.

“As if this Josiah knows that I am thirsty,” she thought. “I will so finish his money today.”

"Join me," she offered Josiah some of the yogurts.

"Enjoy dear," he replied even though he wanted some.

"This girl like food o, see as she is just rushing the yogurt without shame. After all her forming since,” he thought to himself.

"You are amazing. I just cannot take my eyes off you and each time I stare, I wonder how God could be so wicked to endow one person with all these beauty,” he cajoled her.

"Hmm ... Please o," she was all smiles.

"We should take some pictures," he said.

"Yes, please," she responded with delight.

Her prince charming seems to be reading her mind. He knew exactly all that she wanted.

“Selfie time…!” She said as she hurriedly launched her phone camera.


"Wow..! Beautiful, you look like Omotola," Josiah flattered.


"Stop the flattery jor.., I won't snap again o," she chuckled.


Cameras kept clicking as the rounds of pictures go on. 


Cars sped off on the bridge as though they were rushing to catch a flight. The road was very busy.

"We should go now, don't you think?”  Lizzie asked Josiah.

"Just one more pics and we are off."

"Hold the rim of the bridge and look down at the water," Josiah suggested.

The wind began blowing heavily. There was a thundering sound of terror everywhere. People were screaming and running.

"Let’s go!"  Lizzie screamed.

"Run!" Josiah shouted. 

As they ran down the bridge, the quake caught up with them. The bridge spilt into parts, flinging Josiah into the rustic air.

Lizzie was lucky her palazzo trouser was hooked to the rim of the divided bridge. She quickly grabbed the rim.

"God please don't let this happen! I can't swim!” She lamented, crying deeply.

The wind was strong and the earthquake continued, dividing the bridge even more. Part of the bridge where she stood fell straight into the water. Lizzie only managed to pull herself out of her trouser that was stuck to the rim of the bridge. She struggled to swim, not allowing herself to swallow. The water was unbearably cold and Lizzie felt she won't make it. She kept pulling herself through the water as the heavy wind that accompanied the quake continued with its thundering sound and bright lighting.

The ceiling fan was on top speed. Lizzie could hear the noise loudly as she woke up suddenly with eyes still sleep-filled. "It's a nightmare!" She exclaimed. Everywhere looked blurry despite the bright lights in her room that kept fluctuating. "These NEPA people are at it again," she murmured. She was still all dressed in the tight gown she wore to a friend's birthday pool party yesterday. She had had a terrible hangover. As she rose to adjust herself on her bed, she felt a harsh coldness. She was wet! Her heart melted as she noticed she was in a pool of her own urine. "Not again!" She dropped down in tears.


Ohechimda Victoria is a veterinary medicine student who enjoys writing during the holidays. She loves nature and tourism.

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