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ONE BULLET - By Nyiyongu Samuel

Mson kicked his door open and pushed Ivse into the dark room. The pretty lady slumped on the rug. Mson pressed the switch with force and the room became lit. He looked at Ivse with hate in his eyes and sighed. So many things were running through his mind. They were things unheard of! If there was anything called nemesis, he knew it would catch up with him if he executed what was coming into his mind but that meant nothing to him.

   "Tell me the truth about that poison," he said.

   Ivse was silent and Mson stared at her for minutes. His anger was intensifying.

   "Iam your girlfriend and what makes you think I'll want you dead? Your belligerency and brutality will one day turn against you," Ivse said confidently.

"Do you realise you are talking to me?" Mson asked.

"I know I'm talking to you. Don't intimidate me." Ivse replied.

"You are daring me."

"Go ahead and do your worst."

Mson was so infuriated. His eyeballs tore from their socket and went towards Ivse. Who gave her the temerity to talk to him like that? It was something unheard of for someone to talk to him in such manner. Was it because they had an affair? He hissed and turned his face away from her. He was still fighting to control his anger.

"I have shown you love and done everything to prove that I love you but you don't believe me," Ivse said passionately almost amidst tears.


She had become crooked and knew how to pretend. She thought he would be touched by her sham but the opposite happened. Like a whirlwind, Mson turned round,grabbed her by the arm and yanked her up. Before she knew what he was up to,the clothes she wore were ragged by his pocket knife.

"You don't have to rape me," Ivse said pleadingly. "I'm yours."

"I don't know you any longer," Mson retorted.

Ivse stood naked in front of him frightened. Dorathy's warnings played in her head and a shiver ran down her whole body.

"Maybe you didn't realise who you were dealing with. It never occurred to me that you are a murderous prostitute," Mson said smiling sarcastically.

"I'm not a prostitute. I know you murder people but am not like you," Ivse said in annoyance.

She did not know that calling him a killer was what he hated. It was something that he found hard to believe that he had turned into. Mson pulled his gun and pointed it at Ivse. She trembled and knelt down.

"Lie down and spread your legs," Mson huffed.

"Please, Mson my love," Ivse pleaded. "I will tell you the truth."

"I know the truth. I never believed you'll conspire with them against me."

"Please, my love."

"I don't love you!" Mson brawled. "Do it!"

Frustrated, Ivse lay on the floor face downwards with her legs apart and prayed for a change of heart for him. It seemed God was too busy to hear her. With force, Mson pushed the gun through her genitals ignoring her shouts of pain.

"I don't like it when people I love betray me," Mson said calmly.

"If you loved me, you wouldn't be treating me like this," Ivse said in tears. "I know I have wronged you but this bestiality inhumane."

Mson's anger was heightened. He drew his pocket knife and gave her a cut on her left breast. Ivse shouted on top of her voice as blood gushed out. Within seconds the rug where she lay was soaked with blood.

  "I loved you until the moment you conspired to kill me and...," Mson was saying.

  "You murderer, just kill me!" Ivse shouted interruptedly.

   She tried to turn round but Mson pushed the gun further and Ivse shouted in agony. A brief silence ensued. A period during which Ivse thought he wanted to change his mind. She sobbed greatly and lay still with her face in her palms. Mson tried to forgive her but would not. He decided to end it. Twice he tried to pull the trigger but failed until fiendishness enveloped him and he pulled the trigger with force sending a bullet into the pretty lady's body. She screamed and jerked violently until death embraced her to console her.

Mson drew his gun out and wiped it with a piece of Ivse's shirt that was on the floor. He was steady as if nothing had happened but it was one of the cruelest form of murder the world has ever seen. Even the devil was surprised and shook his head. The devil left his throne in hell and ducked to have a closer look.

Mson opened his door only to see Dorathy and two policemen at his door. There was no way he would run away and the policemen handcuffed him. Dorathy saw Ivse sprawled on the floor. She rushed in and gave a long wail as she saw that life had already deserted her friend. Their eyes met but there was no life in Ivse's. Dorathy slumped on her friend's body sobbing. Ivse was pretty even in death.

Dorathy shook her head as the lifeless body was being taken away. She had warned Ivse about her relationship with Mson. Dorathy knew Mson was a cruel cultist but Ivse would not listen. Ivse had claimed she was a player and would milk Mson dry before zooming off. She had sternly warned Ivse against having a hand in the plan to kill Mson and steal the money his late father had left for him. Msons's enemies wanted his head.

 True,Mson was lavishing the money on useless things but it was his inheritance. All her warnings had been ignored by Ivse and she had gone ahead. Immediately Mson came and dragged Ivse away as the two ladies were enjoying the evening breeze, it had dawned on Dorathy that the plan had leaked. Mson had ears everywhere. That was the moment when this story began.


Nyiyongu Samuel is fun loving and jovial with a high passion for writing. He has works which he hopes to publish soon. He loves learning from friends with positive minds.

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