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GUNTA- By Haniel Udoh

"April, you don't need to do this" blabbed june soberly. The one who's view is constant, my synonym of hope.I raised up from the bed and sat up like an old widow with no gaze scanned beyond the room, my visuals met at venus,the day felt like my last,my drenched sockets forgot to b…

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ONE BULLET - By Nyiyongu Samuel

Mson kicked his door open and pushed Ivse into the dark room. The pretty lady slumped on the rug. Mson pressed the switch with force and the room became lit. He looked at Ivse with hate in his eyes and sighed. So many things were running through his mind. They were things unheard of! If there was an…

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SACRED HAVEN - James Jacquine

The strong whiff of burnt flesh hit hard. A disgusting sight before me, as I walked in to where used to be my favourite spot in the whole world. It was damaged completely, even though at about 6:am that morning, I had the most annoying boy ever troubling me for tea, I had asked him to go to hell in …

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RESCUE MISSION - By Onwuemenyi Godsfavour

It was a very cold weather, Nnoli with Chimma, were in tears, looking for a place in the forest where they can hide from both cold and death that await them. Their father had been captured by the blood sucking vampires of the Isiala village . Their mother had gone out to get some water while the…

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JAIYEOLA - By Prudence Onaah

Ayo and Jaiyeola were just stepping out of the hot water stream when the tour guide mentioned that Arinta waterfall was close by; lying beautifully in Arinta village. The two were exploring Ekiti for the last time after their passing out parade and Ikogosi quickly came to mind. They had heard a lot …

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7 years away from home, keeping peace in a country of savages am finally in a ride home. Been away from my family for this long has been the hardest times of my life it hasn't been the shouting nor the deafening sounds of gunshots In the darkest part of the burning field, the constant flow of bl…

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BARK ACHE (A cassava story) - By Chisom Vincent

I feel a piercing pain through my bark as she strikes me with the tool in her hand; a knife. The tool I've never loved. The tool which is greatly feared in my clan, the tool which introduces one to an endless bout of pain.

She cuts off my ends with ease and proceeds to peel my bark with swif…

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CLUELESS - By Omojulowo Segun

IT’S TRUE! YES, I HAVE BEEN ILL, very ill. But why do you say that I have lost control of my mind, why do you say that I am mad? Can you not see that I have full control of my mind? Is it not clear that I am not mad?

Indeed the illness only made my mind, my feelings, my senses stronger, mor…

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WHO IS DADDY- By Solomon King Udoh

Sitting in the big parlour wondering why life was so unfair, Zim almost sluggishly drank the poison he bought three days ago.

Zima walked in crying with her face swollen as if she had a coalition with a trailer. Zim with shock, gently dropped the bottle of poison wondering what might have made h…

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300 Manuscripts submitted nationwide, 50 selected by our panel...!

Every month, we get tons of manuscripts from authors and prospective authors who have taken their time and energy to write their stories. Truth be told we have come across some possible chart toppers whilst some are just regul…

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